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Envelope Types

A guide to some of the envelope types that you may encounter in your daily business activities

Allows the name and address on encloser to show. Used for invoices, statements, paychecks, receipts, and more.

Window Envelope FrontWindow Envelope Back

Annoucement Text
Designed for use with matching text and cover papers. Able to have deckle-edge flaps.

Announcement Text Envelope FrontAnnouncement Text Envelope Back

Formal style envelopes with a large pointed flap. Used for invitations, announcements, greeting cards, and more.

Baronial Envelope FrontBaronial Envelope Back

Side with opening allows for overall printing. Used for booklets, catalogs, folders and more.

Large envelopes used for catalogs magazines, folders, reports and more.

Small envelopes used for coins, small parts, and more. Most coin envelopes are not mailable.

Standard correspondence and direct-mail style envelopes. Includes the standard Number 10 envelope.

Metal Clasp
Similar to the catalog style, but with a metal clasp allowing for multiple openings and closing.

Used for insurance polices, bonds, mortgages, and legal papers.

Large flap is useful for printing additional messages and offers. Used for coupons, applications, statements, and more.

Used for movie, concert, and theater tickets.

Wallet Flap
Used for statements, and other documents that require a stronger envelope for added protection.