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Environmental Policy

Kalamazoo is a producer of security and general printed material. We recognize the expectations of our own staff, suppliers, customers and the community in relation to environmental protection and product quality.

We provide services in a manner that is responsible to the Earth’s environment, protective of its natural resources and of our employee’s and visitor’s health and safety.

We commit to managing our environmental effects and waste in compliance with our legal obligations. Furthermore we will strive to continually improve all our operations and specifically commit to:

  • Work to achieve the environmental expectations of our staff, customers, suppliers and local community.
  • Apply best practice standards for environmental management.
  • Improve efficiency of operations to minimize water and raw material use, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation; in particular to:

Pursue a policy of adopting environmentally friendly technologies, eco friendly products and working processes.

Reducing the use of volatile organic compounds and preventing solvents from entering the atmosphere.

Recycle all possible products including – waste paper from the office and manufacturing operations, packaging and plastic, aluminum plates, waste film and photographic chemicals.

  • Create awareness among our staff and suppliers of the potential environmental effect of operations with which they are involved, and how they can work towards minimizing these environmental effects.
  • Continue to conduct regular assessments and monitoring of the environmental effects of our manufacturing to identify potential areas for improvement, and to follow through with programs to achieve these improvements.

Level 2 Green Stamp

Green Stamp Certificate