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Colleagues Information Solutions
Colleagues is an international solutions provider, based in Perth, that specialises in transforming the way organisations collect, manage, use and apply data. Combining Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology with an expertise in building information management systems Colleagues provides customers with the ability to bridge the traditional means of information gathering with digital communications.

Colleagues Information Solutuions is part of the Kalamazoo Group, as is Kalamazoo.

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Kalamazoo UK
Kalamazoo Secure Solutions Limited is an international Security Printing, Cheque Printing, Visitor Management and ID Card Printing company.

We’ve been around for over 100 years and this has enabled us to utilise our experience & knowledge in security printing to help deliver specialist solutions such as cheque printing, vouchers, ticket printing, certificates, visitor management books, manual payroll, business stationery, forms for the motor trade, bespoke business forms and systems.

Kalamazoo UK, although not part of the same company, is a closing working partner with Kalamazoo.

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Safety Risk
Free Health and Safety Risk Management Checklists, Tools, Resources, Templates, Downloads, Images and Provocative Articles.

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