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Proof Checklist

We make every effort to provide you with quality proofs, but occasionally mistakes can be made. Please give your proof a thorough check through before you submit your final approval. It is important for you to check the following:

  • Spelling and grammar. Watch out for words the spell check won’t catch, such as it’s/its, their/there, your/you’re, were/where, then/than, and to/too.

  • Consistent and correct spelling of specialised words. Such as product or brand names, and terminology.

  • Duplication. Check for two identical words or numbers that are next to each other.

  • Punctuation. Is it correct and consistent throughout? 

  • Contact details. Double check all names, addresses, email & web addresses, and telephone numbers.

  • Logo. Check it’s the correct version, alongside consistency of size and positioning.

  • General layout and colour/imagery. If it’s a product shot, make sure it’s the correct model and most up-to-date shot. Check any final retouching meets with your approval.

  • Product codes and reference numbers. 

  • Overall consistency with other materials.

  • Pagination. Is the document’s size, page numbering and ordering correct? 

  • Small print. Have you added this where relevant and checked the content to ensure legal compliance? 

  • IMPORTANT Has someone else read the proof and completed the checklist? After looking at the same job repeatedly, it is good to get someone else to check, particularly when it comes to proofing text. When you know what is coming next, it is easy to skim over words or fill in the blanks if something is missing. Reading the text aloud can help.

Important notes about Kalamazoo proofs:

Please note that the colours on this proof are intended as a guide only. Colours of the final printed product will be different to this proof. See Colours in Printing for an explanation as to why.

No numbering or variable data will appear on the proof. Numbering will only appear on the final print run.

Most proof documents contain trim marks, bleeds etc... which results in your proof document size being larger than the final print size i.e. an A4 laser cheque proof is usually around 325mm x 240mm in size, whereas the final print size is 297mm x 210mm. Therefore, to print a proof accurately and to scale, you must print on a paper size larger than the proof document size and select in your printer setting for “no scaling”; otherwise your printed proof will not be to the correct scale.