About Kalamazoo

Since February 1919, Kalamazoo has been helping businesses throughout Australasia with their printing needs. Our extensive client base includes both large and small businesses, councils, government departments and more.

At the heart of Kalamazoo is our customer service team who are dedicated to the needs of our customers. They provide the essential link between our customers and our production activities, ensuring the most effective and efficient workflows are implemented to meet your deadlines.

As one of the most diverse print solution providers in Australia, Kalamazoo produces everything from business cards to visitor management systems. In fact, no other print solution provider in Australia has the scope of Kalamazoo, and we do it all in-house right here in Perth.

Our specialised printing includes but is not limited to;

  • Stationery Printing: Business cards, letterheads, with compliment slips...
  • Marketing Printing: Flyers, brochures, magnets...
  • Security Printing: Cheques, certificates, tickets...
  • Large Format Printing: Posters, banners, pull up banners...
  • Form Printing: Invoices, receipts, purchase orders...
  • Specialty Printing: Continuous printing, anoto Printing...

Stationery, forms, large format products, manual business systems, rolls, security documents, continuous stationery and more, we do it all.

Kalamazoo is certified to the level 2 Green Stamp environmental standard and use materials from FSC certified mills. Our commitment to quality extends to being ISO 9001 and Skidata certified.

If you need print in any quantity, any format and any style
Kalamazoo are sure to be able to help.

Here to Help

At Kalamazoo we appreciate that understanding technical printing information can be difficult. After all, every industry comes with its own language!

In order to help the inquisitive learn and understand the printing industry better, we’re always here to answer any questions and help you feel confident in the printing processes to ensure you get only the best results with your printing.

Trade & Wholesale Printing

Kalamazoo has a large trade printing division that supplies over 3,000 businesses across Australasia.

We offer a wide range of products, at reduced rates with fast turnarounds enabling you to profitably and promptly supply your clients with premium printed products.

Benefits of having a Kalamazoo wholesale account

  • Exclusive trade only prices allow you to realise higher margins.
  • Gain access to a wide range of products that you are unable to manufacture in-house. Examples include; overlapped visitor pass books, jewelry envelopes, security envelopes, security products and more.
  • Build customer loyalty and become a one stop supplier to your customers.
  • We send daily dispatches to every state of Australia.
  • Products can be shipped in your packaging with your shipping documents.
  • All products produced using certified ISO 9001 Quality Assured systems.
  • Gain peace of mind that your products are printed with minimal environmental impact.
  • Deal directly with our friendly and helpful customer service team.

Our Mission

We work to provide print solutions to businesses at competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest quality and standards of service throughout Australia.

Everything we do is geared towards achieving this mission.

Our values as a company, and as individuals are;

  • Integrity and honesty.
  • Passion for customers.
  • Openness and respectfulness.
  • Taking on big challenges and seeing them through.
  • Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.
  • Accountability to customers for commitments, results, and quality.

Associations & Partnerships

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