01 Series Payroll System

A deceptively simple multi-write payroll system providing all the answers to your needs easily, effectively and with minimal outlay.

Making payroll easy

A deceptively simple multi-write system providing all the answers to your needs easily, effectively and with minimal outlay.

Our system functions with speed and accuracy enabling the simultaneous compilation of individual pay records, payroll and pay advice slips.

It eliminates repetitious entries and the possibility of transcribing errors while work is verified by simple adding and cross-adding of payroll totals.

The payslip, being a direct copy of the entry itself, shows the employess exactly how their pay is made up.

It can be folded so that the name panel shows when the slip is placed in the pay envelope, thus doing away with the necessity of typing or writing pay envelopes.


  • Eliminates duplicate entries
  • Eliminates transcription errors and the need for checking each record
  • IPR are always up to date
  • Eliminates the need for envelope preparation
  • Confidentiality

01 Horizontal Payroll System Components - Up to 10 Employees per page


01-01 Individual Pay Record (IPR) - up to 15 entries per page Pack of 100
01-04 Individual Pay Record (IPR) - up to 26 entries per page Pack of 100
01-02 Payroll Sheet Pack of 100
01-03 Payslip Pack of 100
CWBD1714 Copywriter Board (17" x 14") Each
KZT1714 Kalamazet Payroll Binder Each
KSTOR1714 Kalstor Payroll Binder Each
EMF Individual Employee Files Pack of 10


Basic Routine

Using a conventional payroll, the payroll/wages book is completed first of all from the time record (time books/time sheets etc.) providing a summary of the Business’s employees pay.  This record is then totalled and balanced to prove accuracy, provide a figure for the cheque to be drawn.

Having completed this operation, a pay advice slip or envelope is prepared for each employee (the law requires the employer to show their employees how their pay has been made up) and these are then balanced back to the payroll.

At a later date the same information is transferred from the Payroll to an Individual Pay Record/Tax Card (one for each employee).  This record is used to prepare the Group Certificates at the end of the financial year.  Periodically these have to be totalled and balanced back to the Payroll to prove accuracy.  Once again there is a problem of the volume of work required, transcription errors and balancing problems.

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