03-100 Series Cash Receipting System

A range of standard 03 series forms are available ranging from 2 to 4 analysis columns.

A writing board is used to align a run of 20 receipts over a Bank Deposit Form on top of the Cash Book Journal enabling all three records to be completed at the one writing.

The receipts, the bank deposit and cash book journal are all printed on carbonless paper. The system saves time by reducing the volume of entries by up to two thirds, eliminates transcription errors and importantly eliminates the need for preparing a Bank Deposit Form. The flap of the bank deposit becomes the permanent record of the banking transaction and can be filed for audit purposes.

03-50 Series Forms

Product Code   Description
03-102G Non-Personalised O/Lapped Receipt
03-104G Bank Deposit
03-106G 2 Column Cash Receipt Journal
03-107G 4 Column Cash Receipts Journal


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