06 Account Receivable System

The 06 Account Receivable System from Kalamazoo is a simple system that save time and money when issuing credit.

All businesses who give Credit to their clients must keep an Account Receivable (Debtor) System. The records which are kept by a business to record these account transactions are usually:

1. Tax Invoice
2. Adjustment Note
3. Debtors Ledger
4. Sales Journal
5. Age analysis
6. Statement of Account (Summary of Invoices)
7. *Receipt of payment of account

06 Series Forms

Product Code   Description
06-21 Debtors Ledger Card
06-21G Debtors Ledger Card
06-22G Creditors Ledger Card
06-23G 15 Column Sales Journal
06-24 10 Column Analysis Short Sheet
06-25G 3 Column Cash Proof
06-26 Analysis Of Account Rendered
06-27 Non-Personalised Statement
06-29 Non-Personalised Remittance Advice
06-33G 10 Column Journal
06-34G 1 Column Cash Proof Journal
06-35 Analysis Of Account Rendered
06-37G Bank Deposit
06-38G 14 Column Receipts Cash Book
06-97 Loose Leaf Ledger Control Account
06-99 Loose Leaf Receipts/Payments Cash Book


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