Continuous Cheques

Improve your payment processes with Kalamazoo printed continuous cheques.

Multi-Part Forms are More Secure

  • A carbonless copy is always a true copy of the original.
  • Alterations to carbonless copies are easily detected.
  • There is less opportunity for mischief with a carbonless copy of the original. Example: With laser printers, dishonest employees can create fraudulent file "copies" of invoices or purchase orders and then keep overpayments or over-quantities of received goods.

Multi-Part Forms Cost Less to Use

  • Continual use and overuse of laser printers leads to excess toner and repair expenses.
  • Running multi-part continuous forms through an impact printer is faster and more economical than a standard laser printer.
  • Overuse of photocopiers to make copies of laser printer forms originals is also expensive in terms of labour, toner and repair expenses.

Benefits of Continuous Cheques

  • Improve your payment processes
  • Save time
  • Print cheque and remittance in one process
  • Improve your corporate image by getting your corporate logo and colours into the market place
  • Easier Reconciliation

Cheque Printing Options Available

  • Printing. 1 to 6 spot PMS colours or 4 Colour Process, on 1 or both sides
  • Stocks. 90gsm Sensitised Scanright or 90gsm SecureX Paper
  • Cheque Depths. 72mm, 93mm, 108mm, 140mm, 148mm, 152mm, 186mm, 216mm, 280mm, 297mm & 304mm
  • Number of Parts. Up to 6 parts/plys
  • Numbering. Arabic, MICR & OCR (A & B)
  • Additional Security Features. See below
  • Typical Turnaround. 15-20 business days
  • Artwork. Design & Typesetting services available

Cheque Security Features Available

  • Datafuse & Frangible Paper. Includes all of the above features plus the Paper includes fluorescent fibres and rips when having sticky tape applied.
  • UV Features. The ink may only be seen under a UV lamp and is not visible under normal light
  • Solvent Sensitive Inks. The ink reacts to organic solvents, providing a visual alert that tampering may have occurred.
  • Artificial Watermark. A printed watermark that cannot be duplicated by scanners or copiers.
  • Fine Line Security Pattern. Used in the background of a cheque in a subtle ink colour.
  • Custom Micro Printing. Miniature type that can only be read when magnified and cannot be duplicated by a copier.
  • Warning Bands. To state to the person viewing the document that the cheque is protected, thus curbing possible forgery attempts before they start.
  • Vignettes. Creates a fading effect of dark to light. Used with subtle colours and extremely difficult to scan.
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