The CPB1 Contractor Pass system has been purposely designed for the efficient handling of contractors on your site.

Contractor Pass Book Features

  • Each contractor pass book contains 120 secure passes.
  • Privacy sheet ensures that your visitors cannot see who has previously visited your site.
  • Plasticoil bound for easy page turning, display and storage.
  • Security background and microprint makes replicating the passes a near impossible task.
  • Pre-numbered base sheets for easy sign out.
  • Passes printed in all green, enabling contractors to be clearly distinguished.
  • Larger, double overlapped passes requiring detailed contractor information in case of emergency.
  • Facilitates approval of work completed and authorisation of payments.
  • Can also be used with separate work permits.

Contractor Pass Fields

  • Date
  • Time In
  • Contractor Name
  • Contractor Organisation
  • Mobile Number
  • Work Area
  • Description of Work
  • ID & Cert Checked
  • Number of Keys Issued
  • Permits Issued
  • Safety Inducted
  • Pass Number
  • Time Out
  • Keys Returned & Area Left In Safety Condition
  • Contractor Signature

Contractor Pass Book Benefits

OH&S Benefits

  • The Occupational Health & Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991 states that employers have a duty of care to employees, contractors and visitors (or third parties) to their sites. A contractor pass system strongly contributes to your organisation meeting your duty of care responsibilities to visitors and contractors.
  • Provides an accurate and up to date fire register in the event of an emergency.
  • Keeps your visitors informed of specific Health & Safety details.

Security Benefits

  • The system produces a clear, visible, contractor pass that is easily identifiable by your staff at all times.
  • The security sheet ensures that all visitor information is kept secret from other visitors (This complies with Principle 4.1 of the National Privacy Principles).
  • Helps eliminate corporate theft or mal-intent by restricting individuals from entering your premises.
  • Lets your employees know that you take their security seriously.

Corporate Image Benefits

  • Portrays an enhanced image of your organisation.
  • Enables you to streamline the reception process from arrival, through to departure.
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