Printed A4 Pay Slips / Pay Envelopes

Secure and practical payslips.

Why Should You Use Payslips?

1) Quick and easy to use – saving you time and money.

2) Pay envelopes are confidential and secure. They will protect both yours and your employees’ privacy, as any tampering attempts will become obvious

3) Gives your employees a professional image of your organisation

A4 laser pay envelopes have proven to be the most popular payslip form over recent years due to the rapid growth in laser and inkjet printers. There are a number of sealing methods available depending upon your preferences.

Payslip Printing Options

  • Printing. 1 to 4 spot colours or 4 colour process, on 1 or both sides.
  • Available stocks. Laser Bond and security papers.
  • Glue options. Heat seal, pressure seal, re-moistenable & latex self seal glues.
  • Other available features. Consecutive numbering, UV inks.
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