Our range of secure tickets are used by organisations looking to reduce the risk of ticket fraud, whilst ensuring design and branding is not compromised

Secure Custom Tickets

Kalamazoo has been established for over 90 years and is an expert in providing fully customisable secure print. Our range of secure tickets are used by organisations looking to reduce the risk of ticket fraud, whilst ensuring design and branding is not compromised

Our security tickets provide maximum protection for event organisers, clubs & bars, sporting events and more.

Our expertise in security print and in-house design talent, mean that we can combine the highest levels of security protection features within the tickets, while working to your creative brief and corporate guidelines.

Ticket Printing Options Available

  • Printing. 1 to 6 spot PMS colours or 4 Colour Process, on 1 or both sides
  • Stocks. A range of archival and secure stocks from 100gsm through to 350gsm
  • Finishing Embellishments. Embossing, Verko Raised Inks, Foiling, Laminating, Punching, Numbering and more
  • Numbering. Arabic, MICR & OCR (A & B)
  • Additional Security Features. See below
  • Typical Turnaround. 10-15 business days
  • Artwork. Design & Typesetting services available

Ticket Security Features Available

Security Inks

  • Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Ink. Thermochromic inks are sensitive to temperature changes and will disappear when heat from your breath of finger is applied and will reappear once cooled.
  • Invisible UV Fluorescent Ink. The ink may only be seen under a UV lamp and is not visible under normal light.
  • Fugitive & Solvent Sensitive Ink. Solvent reactive inks provide visible protection against acids, bases, bleaches and solvents. The ink smudges when touched by one of these substances.
  • Verko Raised Inks. Ink that is raised up from the paper. Very hard to replicate without the correct resources and equipment.

Paper Stocks

  • Datafuse, Frangible Paper, SecureX, Parchments. A range of paper and card stocks can be used that offer a number of added security features that greatly reduce the chances of fraudulent copies being made.

Design Features

  • Anticopy 'Copyvoid' Pattern. When unauthorized persons try to copy or scan the original, a "COPY" hidden message appears. The clarity of the "COPY" on the copied or scanned document will vary depending upon the copier/scanner used.
  • Printed Artificial Watermark. A printed watermark that cannot be duplicated by scanners or copiers. This is usually printed in white or clear inks.
  • Guilloche Design. Very complex patterns of never ending lines. Designed on the same software that produces bank notes and foreign currency.
  • Warning Bands. States to the person viewing the document that the document is protected, thus curbing possible forgery attempts before they start.
  • Micro Printing. A minute font which can only be viewed through a magnify glass. If the document is copied, the text will blur rendering the message unreadable.
  • Vignettes. Creates a fading effect of dark to light. Used with subtle colours and extremely difficult to scan.

Other Features

  • Holograms & Foiling. Nearly impossible to replicate without heavy printing equipment. Holograms and foiled images add a high degree of professionalism to any secure document.
  • Consecutive Numbering. Gives a clear audit trail, allowing duplicates to be more easily detected.
  • Laminating. Adds an additional layer on top of the printed stock that is hard to replicate without sophisticated machinery.
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