Transcript Paper

Kalamazoo can provide your institution with quality, cost effective transcript paper incorporating a range of security features to make it highly copy resistant.

Copy & Tamper Resistant Transcript Paper

A transcript is a copy of a student's permanent academic record which, includes all courses taken, all grades received, all honours received and degrees conferred to a student.

Being such an important document, it is important to make sure that it is secure and long lasting. Kalamazoo can provide your institution with quality, cost effective transcript paper incorporating a range of security features to make it highly copy resistant.

Transcript Paper Printing Options

  • Printing. 1 to 6 spot PMS colours or 4 Colour Process, on 1 or both sides
  • Stocks. A range of archival and secure stocks from 100gsm through to 350gsm
  • Finishing Embellishments. Embossing, Verko Raised Inks, Foiling, Laminating, Punching, Numbering and more
  • Numbering. Arabic, MICR & OCR (A & B)
  • Additional Security Features. See below
  • Typical Turnaround. 10-15 business days
  • Artwork. Design & Typesetting services available

Transcript Paper Security Features Available

Security Inks

  • Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Ink. Thermochromic inks are sensitive to temperature changes and will disappear when heat from your breath of finger is applied and will reappear once cooled.
  • Invisible UV Fluorescent Ink. The ink may only be seen under a UV lamp and is not visible under normal light.
  • Fugitive & Solvent Sensitive Ink. Solvent reactive inks provide visible protection against acids, bases, bleaches and solvents. The ink smudges when touched by one of these substances.
  • Verko Raised Inks. Ink that is raised up from the paper. Very hard to replicate without the correct resources and equipment.

Paper Stocks

  • Datafuse, Frangible Paper, SecureX, Parchments. A range of paper and card stocks can be used that offer a number of added security features that greatly reduce the chances of fraudulent copies being made.

Design Features

  • Anticopy 'Copyvoid' Pattern. When unauthorized persons try to copy or scan the original, a "COPY" hidden message appears. The clarity of the "COPY" on the copied or scanned document will vary depending upon the copier/scanner used.
  • Printed Artificial Watermark. A printed watermark that cannot be duplicated by scanners or copiers. This is usually printed in white or clear inks.
  • Guilloche Design. Very complex patterns of never ending lines. Designed on the same software that produces bank notes and foreign currency.
  • Warning Bands. States to the person viewing the document that the document is protected, thus curbing possible forgery attempts before they start.
  • Micro Printing. A minute font which can only be viewed through a magnify glass. If the document is copied, the text will blur rendering the message unreadable.
  • Vignettes. Creates a fading effect of dark to light. Used with subtle colours and extremely difficult to scan.

Other Features

  • Holograms & Foiling. Nearly impossible to replicate without heavy printing equipment. Holograms and foiled images add a high degree of professionalism to any secure document.
  • Consecutive Numbering. Gives a clear audit trail, allowing duplicates to be more easily detected.
  • Laminating. Adds an additional layer on top of the printed stock that is hard to replicate without sophisticated machinery.
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