The Kalamazoo VPBI1 visitor pass introductory pack is all you need to setup a visitor management system at your Reception. Each pack comes with a VPB1 visitor pass book and 20 PVC pass holders & strap clips.

Visitor Pack Contents

  • x1 VPB1 visitor pass book which contains 250 secure passes.
  • x20 PVC pass holders and strap clips. The PVC pass holders hold visitor passes up to 90mm x 110mm.

Visitor Pass Book Features

  • Each visitor pass book contains 250 secure passes.
  • Privacy sheet ensures that your visitors cannot see who has previously visited your site.
  • Plasticoil bound for easy page turning, display and storage.
  • Security background and microprint makes replicating the passes a near impossible task.
  • Includes a Mobile No. field allowing for the easy contact of all visitors who might remain on the premises.
  • Pre-numbered base sheets for easy sign out.
  • Passes printed in all red, enabling visitors to be clearly distinguished.

Visitor Pass Fields

  • Date
  • Visitor Name
  • Organisation
  • Meeting With
  • Mobile Number
  • Time In
  • Pass Number
  • Time Out

Visitor Pass Book Benefits

OH&S Benefits

  • The Occupational Health & Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991 states that employers have a duty of care to employees, contractors and visitors (or third parties) to their sites. A Kalamazoo Visitor Pass system strongly contributes to your organisation meeting your duty of care responsibilities to visitors and contractors.
  • Provides an accurate and up to date fire register in the event of an emergency.
  • Keeps your visitors informed of specific Health & Safety details.

Security Benefits

  • The system produces a clear, visible, visitor pass that is easily identifiable by your staff at all times.
  • The Security Sheet ensures that all visitor information is kept secret from other visitors (This complies with Principle 4.1 of the National Privacy Principles). This can be critical when having tendering suppliers visit, conducting interviews, sensitive suppliers etc...
  • Helps eliminate corporate theft or mal-intent by restricting people from entering your premises.
  • Lets your employees know that you take their security seriously.

Corporate Image Benefits

  • Portrays an enhanced image of your organisation.
  • Enables you to streamline the reception process from arrival, through to departure.
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